Saturday, April 26, 2008

All done, moving onto...

Yesterday was my last day of practicum. Last day with my Grade 1's. It was definitely bittersweet. Now I am all done practicum, I only have a conversation about my learning left on Tuesday and then I am off to graduation. But I will miss my little ones, today I drove in a new neighborhood and I noticed a street that had the same name as one of my students. I thought of stopping to take a picture so I could show this student on Monday. But alas, I won't be there on Monday. What a strange feeling.

Yesterday afternoon was something that was planned to be very exciting but it had a couple challenges. Yesterday was hot lunch day... exciting you think? Not if you're the teacher that has to deal with 23 students who have had not much more then ice cream sandwiches for lunch. So they were a little sugar rushed and I had planned to play Time bingo with them. And we did, except they talked non-stop. I gave them warnings and eventually had to say the game was over. I was almost in tears, but I couldn't let it go on. I had them do some spelling and after that we tried again much more successfully and we had treats and such. They also made me a book while I was away on Thursday. They each wrote a little page about their favourite thing that I taught them, or that we did together. So sweet and hillarious. Especially one child who wrote about me teaching him about Chinese New Years, which I didn't do. But he actually finished his work so my cooperating teacher couldn't break it to him that I had not taught him about that.
I went for a haircut right after I left school and I was doing a little bit of crying in the chair.

So the next step... I am registered to substitute starting next Thursday, in one division and I am waiting on my Child Abuse registry check to register in the other divisions I have my eyes on. I applied for one position which went to someone else (a very deserving someone else). However, there are 4 positions in the division I am aiming for that I will apply for on Monday.

So hopefully, I will have (more) good news to report shortly!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

So, the gifts!

Sorry to keep you waiting, but I didn't give away both gifts on Thursday and then I've been busy since then.

So I gave away three gifts. Two to Pam 3's boys and one to Pam 2's new baby girl (and her parents)

To your left is two canvases I painted for the boys new rooms at the new house. It has some of their favourite things, and elements of their old rooms and new rooms. J liked the polka dots on his!

This basket to your right was for the new baby.
Some pretty little shoes, a couple bibs, an Eric Carle book, hair clips and muffins for the parents.
I love putting together gift baskets!

Look, pretty shoes!!!

Have a great day and enjoy life!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For the love of... Gifts!

I love giving gifts. I just love it. The looking, the searching, or even creating the gift. I wish I had a lot of extra money and time so that I could give gifts to my friends at random times just to show them I appreciate their friendship.

At Christmas time, I can't wait to give away the gifts I have chosen and bought. Especially to Steve, with his love of sports finding him a gift that will make him speechless is very exciting.

The reason I write about this is because I have some gifts that I can't wait to give away and I will tomorrow. All of the gifts are for very special little people (and maybe a tiny bit for their parents too) and I think at least one of these little people will be very excited. The other two may be a little young for such strong emotions : )

And not to keep you in suspense but because their mommies read my blog I will wait till tomorrow to post pictures and details!

Cheers for now...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Running.... so.... slow

Steve and I are going to be running the half-marathon with some of our friends. Well, technically we have not paid the fee or registered yet. But soon we will. Between Steve and I it's $130! So how is running/training going you ask? Well... this is the third summer I have run. My motivation I must say is a little... lacking. I always have some reason not to run. Bad me! But I had said last summer that I would run the half this year, little did I really understand that when you haven't run all winter, it' s not a super good idea to just start training two months before. But I had said I would and I will! Steve decided a couple weeks ago that he would run with me, so we bought him running shoes and shorts and the first time we went running was a week and a half ago.

Since then Steve has run many more times then me, and when we have run together it wasn't quite what I was expecting. Running doesn't really come naturally to me, I am exhausted and I really have to push myself. Running does come naturally to Steve, well his form is a little questionable, but he is much faster and doesn't have the exhaustion that I do. So now that we're running together I have to watch as he runs far ahead of me, he just can't run as slowly as I do.

Yesterday we ran just short of 6km, and we will again tomorrow. I just wish I wasn't so exhausted. I am tracking my eating and drinking of water before runs so hopefully that will give me a clue as to what works. Any suggestions for sustained energy would be great!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Boston Pizza- A career, a journey... good ridance.

Since my last post, I have once again questioned why I have this blog that is open for the world to see, when I am fairly big into privacy. And also since then I have lost all of my free time, because it is spring break... oh I cannot wait for next year at this time.

I will take you, for a moment, through my 6 year and 8 month (if I did the right math) journey at Boston Pizza. I started off, in September of 2001 before I had met Steve, and shortly after the summer of my graduation, move to Banff and then the move back home. I had got a job at Feet First shortly into my job search that fall but they were unable to guarantee me hours, and so a family friend who was working there at the time suggested I come apply. Sure enough, I applied, I got hired to be the day cash hostess and my career began. I started being the cash person, the only hostess during the day, this led into doing delivery driving at lunch time and then making the switch to be a full time delivery driver, after about a year at BP I had made my case to be a server and I once again switched roles. I was a server for who knows how many years when I became a supervisor almost 2 years ago. During my time as a supervisor, I did some managing shifts, but mainly did cash shifts (doing all the balancing and dealing with money in the mornings) on Saturday mornings, while serving the rest of the time. At times I considered leaving (after all both of my brothers did), but it was always just an easy decision to stay because of the time I had been there. This job put me through my schooling, and has been a pretty good job. I've seen a lot of employees come and go.

Almost two weeks ago I gave in my two weeks notice, it was something that Steve and I had talked about for a while. Because teaching and then going to work is a little much. So I will have a month in between ending my employment at BP and starting subbing.

This is my last week at Boston Pizza!!! Whoot. Initially, despite a conversation initiated by the scheduling manager about what I wanted to work... and further only being given two measly, and meager shifts, I appealed for more to my coworkers. And it worked, a little too well.

Monday I went back to my roots and I delivery drove, oh what fun memories. I also worked Tuesday, and yesterday I worked 11 hours. Tomorrow I should be working about 10 hours, and Saturday my RETIREMENT day I will work about 8. Now that's how to go out with a bang.

And since Sunday we're doing Easter with the Smiths and the Fehr's, I will have had very limited time off this Spring break... oh and I haven't even talked about going to court today.

lol, well here is to finishing one career before I jump into another.