Thursday, March 3, 2011

Evangelized by 9:30 am!

There are definitely ups and downs to the world of subbing and today definitely had both but more ups than downs. Today I had a student in the class I was subbing (Grade 2) that blew me away.

Here's our conversation:
Child (yelling from across the room): "Hey Mrs. Smith, do you have the Son of God?"

I didn't quite know how to answer that. There was no left field alert. I mean I do have the son of God. He's quite the guy. I just legally can't really talk about that. Nor did I want to just flippantly say no or ? .... so I say

Me: What are you talking about? (I did want to know why he was asking)
Child: You know, God's son. He saves you and gives you life. (And this is where he starts quoting scripture including John 3:16 and another verse I need to look up I was just blown out of the water)
Me: Where did you learn those verses?
Child: Awana

I just find this so crazy and awesome all rolled into one. A tiny little 7 year old evangelist. He also might have been my most interesting child of the day. Spunky.

Another one from today which was so great.
Child: Mrs. Smith I really like you as a sub. You have a great attitude.
Honestly, best compliment I've received in a super long time. Spoke right to my heart as my attitude is something I am constantly mindful of.

So that... is that.