Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer has almost come and Gone

School is coming so soon and although I am excited I am also TERRIFIED to teach Grade 3. And I am so sad that summer is coming to a close because it doesn't feel like it has even started. This week I'm trying to get in just one more breakfast with several people and I am going to a teahouse with some of the teachers from my new school.

But I've also been racking up the 101 dones...


20. Go on a plane with Steve.
We were visiting my cousin and her family in Sioux Lookout on the August long weekend and it was the Blueberry Festival there and they were having float plane rides. And... you guessed it, we went on one. It was super fun and Steve actually liked it. He even got to ride in the co-pilot`s seat.

29. Cook a meal for my family.
Yesterday my whole family was over plus my parents neighbours who have become like family. We had steak (brought by my parents), roasted potatoes, a wonderful blueberry feta salad (brought by Rachael) and a blueberry cheesecake for dessert. It was good. And it was Chad`s first time at our house.

95. In cure no late fees at the library for one year.
This day has come and gone. Yay for me!

In progress.
36. Go on a hot holiday
We are most likely going somewhere hot and wonderful for Christmas. We`re in the researching location stage right now. Maybe Mexico or Jamaica or ?

77. I have been shopping at the Farmer's Market a little bit and I need only one more time to get this one checked off.

98. Get a pet
I'm going to cheat on this a little bit and get a CLASS pet. I'm getting a fish for our classroom. I think that's as pet like as I can handle with 22 8 year olds.

As for not biting my nails. It's actually getting harder and not easier like I thought it would. My magical 4 month date is just around the corner.

Well for now I need to get to bed so I can get back on schedule to get ready for school.