Tuesday, July 29, 2008

House Hunting

We're not quite ready to buy but I've been definitely looking on MLS regularly. And time and time again I am surprised by what I see. I understand that there may be different priorities in selling a house from Winnipeg to Steinbach but I definitely do not see this level of... I don't know what to call it... professionalism, editing, trying to actually sell a house... when I look at listings from some of the real estate agents in Steinbach.

Some of the things I have noticed as a future home buyer that reallllly turn me off

- one ad I looked at today had this in the listing "in mittle off town" aka in the middle of town. You must have someone else in the office that can look at your ad before you put it on MLS

- no pictures with an ad, I personally probably would not go look at a house unless I saw pictures online

- however no pictures might be better then looking at pictures of people's mess. If you're trying to sell it- make it look worth buying. This includes putting your dishes away, making your bed, arranging your furniture so it looks presentable.

Ok, rant over. I was going to blog on something else today, but I guess I'll do that tomorrow or maybe if you're lucky later tonight!!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Updated again

My dad got out of the hospital on Saturday and has been taking it easy at home since then. I have been at the strawberry farm working picking delicious berries. It's a good place to work, you can eat whenever you want. I eat strawberries all day. If you're into strawberries come pick at La Salle Valley Berry farm, we are picking tomorrow- call 261-4155 for a good time...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another Update- Updated

So things seem to be looking up. Dad looked better today, he was off of oxygen, off the heart monitor and off saline. He is still in observation and has not gotten a room but at least he is not in the hall. They want to keep him until Monday when he's been on the blood thinners for a week, but as of today his blood was at the levels they wanted it as far as thinness and he passed the first part of the heart/stress test. The clot "could" still move, and they do not have results back from Mayo yet and probably won't for a couple days. He will have to take it very easy this summer, no lawn mowing, etc.

So my mom may have to mow the lawn... She hasn't mowed a lawn in 35 years and someone was surprised this week to hear that I had never mowed a lawn. Well... I may have mowed my grandparents lawn on the farm, but I don't quite remember. I know I drove the lawnmower and tipped it in the ditch (only once I believe), but I don't know if I was actually mowing the lawn or going for a "drive". But I digress.

The prayers have been much appreciated, keep them coming as now that he has had this once it may happen again.

Update- Karyn also remembers me hitting a rock or a tree when I was driving the riding lawn mower. As for my parents- it doesn't look like lawn mowing will be a problem for my dad

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Not much has changed, he's still at the Vic waiting for a room. There is one big clot and several small clots at this point. It's the large one that they are very concerned about, as if it moves.... It's all a big waiting game as he waits to have the medicine start to diminish the clot. He'll probably be transfered over to the Health Sciences tomorrow just for some tests and then be transfered back. The doctors at the Vic sent some of his blood to the Mayo Clinic in the states for some additional testing on whether there is a condition that is causing these blood clots. While we wait, continue to pray.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Prayer Request

This time it's for my dad. He is in the hospital because he has a pulmonary embolism, which is a blood clot in an artery in his lungs. He "should" be okay, now that he's in the hospital and on blood thinners, but there is one large clot that they are concerned about. It all started with huffing and puffing during a bike ride and some chest pain, then he came home early from work yesterday and went to the walk-in to have it checked out. The walk-in sent him for testing at the Vic where he is now, in the ER waiting to be admitted.