Wednesday, November 25, 2009

First post in a while

Life has been very busy but I really have no excuse for not blogging. Right now I'm home with the tail end of a migraine while my students are at school with a sub. I have a really hard time calling in sick. I know that sometimes it's better for me and my students but on a day like today I knew that I "could" make it through the day but I really wanted to get this migraine over with because I know that yesterday I suffered through the day and no one was the better.

My last several months have been really busy. I am many days into teaching Grade 3 and I am enjoying Grade 3 overall but it's definitely not without its challenges. I have lots of amazing children in my class. Some that pray for me, some that encourage me, some that challenge me on a minute to minute, second to second basis, some that make me laugh. I even have twins that have said on the carpet "let's change the topic to hockey". I work with an amazing staff that has been super supportive during the challenges of the last couple months. In our school student-led conferences are tomorrow and I have just finished grade 3 assessment and report cards.

But what else have I been up to?
I have gone to my SIL's parents cabin (September Long)
Joined Biggest Loser Niverville which unfortunately hasn't been going well for me
Went to Vancouver with Karyn to see Monique (and meet her boyfriend)
Went to Minneapolis with my mom and some friends for shopping and the Women of Faith conference
Have done a bunch of little renos and decor stuff in the house
Are still ANXIOUSLY awaiting our two nieces and or nephews due December 25th and January 20th. (My ticker says only about 30 days until the first one is due to arrive!!!)
Got a class pet, that died and now we have another one.
My grandma passed away (sad for us but now she's in heaven)
Been enjoying our new church in Steinbach
I looked today and updated my 101 list and I have 70 items completed!
Totally re-did the guest room
Had our first guest stay the night (Karyn) followed by our second (Chad).
I have been doing lots of little crafts and sewing projects for our pending nieces and/or nephews

Recently I have been dealing with huge amounts of stress due to school and dealing with some matters of the heart that are very difficult. Prayers would be very appreciated.

Well that wasn't a very exciting post but if you've been wondering what I've been up to, now you know!


ps. If you want to see some of my creations for these babies on the way check out