Monday, November 24, 2008

What did you do today?

Because I(we) bought a house... (Steve would like me to add that it is subject to inspection and financing)... ps it's hard to blog appropriately with him looking over my shoulder...

Anyways! We're super excited, Steve's excitement isn't coming exactly the way you would expect but I think he's excited none the less. He's worried about all the little stuff.

Anyways if you want to check out our new abode, we get possession on February 13th.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Still waiting

Waiting, waiting

We are waiting... I think you can figure out why... more details to follow once the waiting is over.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I'm going to see this house that I'm a little in love with tomorrow morning. I'm a little excited! It's this really cute starter home. Perfect for two (and whichever company comes our way). We're not quite ready to buy (maybe two months, maybe one...) but it's been on the market for a while, so it might be for a little bit longer. If not I will kind of know better what to look for in a house.

Oh, and tonight I was at a fabulous event with my friend Lynne. It was at Vandenbergs and it was a Ladies' Night. An evening with wine, appies, and trying on fabulous jewelery. With that jewelery came a "wish" list. I know I'm not getting jewelery this year but it's sure fun to try on diamonds and pearls. Lynne found a fabulous ring that she would love her BF to put on her finger. I guess time will tell.

And tomorrow, after the showing, and after school, Steve and I are going to a Jazz concert at the Art Gallery.

To that I say,
Life is good!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

one by one they fall

16. Make bread from scratch (And it has to taste good)- I made Honey Whole Wheat Bread
100. Watch our Wedding Video
Now that was an interesting experience. It was over three years ago. So many of our little people and even Chad look so much younger. I realized for the first time that my bridesmaids walked down the aisle wrong (all at the same time), and Steve relived the horror of having to hold my flowers while I sang in the worship team. We sat through all of the speeches (which were mainly about Steve) and were very long... my apologies to those who sat through them the first time. I cried hearing the speech by my cousins and my parents. Even my brother's speeches were wonderful. I don't know that we'll watch it again but now we've relived that occasion once.

In progress currently--
27. Have a dinner party once a month for 6 months 2/6
32. Send out Christmas cards (most likely including #31) - ordered
34. Visit 3 out of town family members 2/3
I brought my SIL (in Steinbach) a birthday dessert 09/11
35. Buy 3 friends flowers 2/3

40. Go on a date night once a month 4/32
52. Try 5 new flavours of gelati 2/5- first new flavour tried was Blood Orange 08-15, Pink Grapefruit 08-17
62. Don't eat fried chips for two months- Started Sunday November 9/08
92. Watch all the seasons of SATC- Have watched Seasons 1-3
94. Read 10 non-teaching books - I've read False Witness, and Good-Byes are Always Hard
95. Incur no late fees at the library for 1 year (this may be hard)- Started August 16 with a clean slate!... update- I thought I renewed all the books I took out for my classroom. Turns out I forgot a few. Re-started November 4.

So right now the ones that are done are--

14. Sew 4 things 4/4 I not only hemmed pants for myself, I mended some of Kurtis' clothes and sewed three totally cute take home bags for my students to take home some memory games I'm making.
16. Make bread from scratch (And it has to taste good)- Made Honey Whole Wheat Bread
22. Make Steve breakfast in bed
26. Throw a birthday party - My mom's 50th bday party- 09/07/08
30. Cook a meal for Steve's family (I think this will have to be after we buy a house, there's not room for all of them in our apartment) - By not saying entire family I am completing this 09/13 for my Mother-In-Law's bday- there will be a couple family members missing but we invited them all.
31. Have photos taken of the two of us
33. Have family pictures taken with my family
42. Bake for 5 friends 5/5
45. Eat at 5 new restaurants 5/5
Niko's- 08/17/08
MJ's with my SIL 09/29/08
Joey's 10/11/08

CHOP 11/09/08

46. Eat at my old Boston Pizza (for some reason I just haven't been going back)- Went 9/5/08
51. Go to a concert - we went to Ron Paley at Jazz under the Rooftop 11/14
86. Label my files in my filing cabinet at home and at school
96. Watch a sunset- I've driven into many lately
97. Watch a sunrise- I drive into the sunrise every morning
100. Watch our wedding video (yes, it's been 3 years and we haven't watched it)
101. Blog 3 times a week for 2 months - 8 weeks out of the 10 since I made this goal were 3 post weeks so I am going to count this as done since my goal was really just to do it more consistently.

And the ones I hope to complete or start soon--

70. Buy a Christmas Tree Skirt - maybe one on sale around Christmas
And hopefully #1 in the early new year.

And the ones on my Christmas list
4. Get a label maker
6. Get a KitchenAid Stand mixer
7. Get a food processor .... on my Christmas list
17. Get two new games 0/2... Killer Bunnies and Scotland Yard are the two I'm wanting

I hope to have 20 done by the first day of 2009

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Mom, surprisingly, got out of the hospital today. They said they were going to keep her in till Tuesday but now a complication means she can't get her angiogram tomorrow so they let her out and she'll do it outpatient instead. I went to visit her this morning and only a couple hours later she called to say they were letting her out.

Please pray that she doesn't overdo it now that she's home and no longer on bedrest.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So it's congestive heart disease not congenital. They still don't know why she got it because she hasn't had typical symptoms and she's not a typical candidate. She is doing well, even on bedrest. She should get home tomorrow and then will have to go back for an angiogram and other tests this coming week. Thanks for your prayers!