Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So today I found out what my plans are for next year. After waiting and waiting, and waiting some more. (They said they were going to hire early this year... but I got hired 4 days later then I did last year...) I will be teaching Grade 3 next year!!! I am very excited, although I know nothing about Grade 3. I will be going to a different school but such is life. The principal is great and I heard he is amazing at supporting his teachers.

I will have to do lots of learning to teach Grade 3 but I am confident that I can do most of it from the comfort of my patio this summer. Now that I'm wireless and life is good.

Other then that I seem to have many different projects for the house on the go. This week I finally installed some storage in my office so that my multitudes of books are not a clutter any more. This picture seems to be shadowy but you get the drift. It's a floating Lack shelf from IKEA.

I'm working on a couple of my 101 right now. Specifically...

60. Quit biting my nails for 4 months- this is a hard one. I've tried breaking this habit many times since I started in my childhood. My mom tried many different tricks but none of them worked. I would always stick with it long enough to get my "prize" and then go right back.
56. Lose 10 pounds and keep it off for 6 months- so far I've lost two pounds. Not much but it's a start.

Also I'm only one book away from reading 10 non-teaching books and we are tilling the garden tomorrow so I should be able to start my garden on Saturday.

Have a delightful day!


PamJ said...

YAY congrats on the new job!! when you say 'he' for a principal I am assuming it is not out here :(
here's good luck and perseverance on those two tough goals!

tammi said...

Congratulations on the new assignment!! Wow, grade 3... you'll have a blast!

Andrea said...

YAY for a job! Grade 3 sounds like the perfect grade to teach actually. You'll have to tell me what school it is, but like Pam said, obviously it's not here.

The office looks great! And good luck with the 8 more pounds. I have a LOT more than that to lose....but we won't talk about that right now. :(