Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Catching Up

Well after feeling near comatose for the last 5 days I feel back to myself and oddly enough awake after 11. I have had some domino effect issues in the past couple weeks but the last several days have been interesting. Very low iron or whatever it was... it didn't feel good.

But regardless I have been feeling like blogging but then realizing I haven't in a while so there's lots to catch up on. So I will do some little point form about what I've been up to.

In the last bit I have...

- Gotten very close to perfection on my multigrain foccacia bread. Divine. Have to have a very good reason to make it otherwise I eat too much.

- I have made a non-Chinese but very good lemon chicken.

- I not only got the camera I wanted for my birthday but Steve bought me an air compressor to which I then purchased a nailer and I have been having LOTS of fun with them. Projects galore are made so much simpler with heavy duty tools.

- I have started a bunch of projects. Key word being started. I HATE the feeling of a whole bunch of unfinished business.

- I have started a whole bunch of bibs for the St. Norbert Y Neighbours Used Toy and Clothing Sale on Saturday. Pam and I are having a table with goods from Tiny Treehugger (including my sewn lovelies)

- I was gifted a new-to-me mitre saw and had it fixed this week and now that I'm feeling better I am ready to rock and roll with getting stuff done. No more hauling my wood to Steve's brother who has graciously let me use his tools for the past while.

- I went to the Steven Curtis Chapman concert on Thursday with my beautiful cousin Twylla and her friend. His story is so powerful and he is a testament to what God will do when you draw close to God in times of sorrow.

- It was Spring Break. It was nice not waking up to the phone call with my daily assignment. I was very busy though. On the Tuesday Steve was off and we took our little dude to the pool. Fun fun.

- Speaking of the phone. I was really hoping to get a leave that was coming up for the end of the school year and to know where I was going each day instead of living in uncertainty. But I found out that God has a different plan and I wasn't chosen.

- I will continue working out my desire for stability and trust that God has a plan and that within this plan he has me as a substitute right now. Whether it is to touch the lives of many children or to teach me humility, patience and trust, I do not know the full purpose of his plan but his timing is perfect.

That's it for now. As that phone call is only 7ish hours away and while I feel full of energy I will not if I neglect to sleep.



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