Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Terror has Left the Building

After a long wait, Terror In Bergen Hall 3 finally premiered tonight! The Terror in Bergen Hall series is something that was started in Steve and Paul's Prov days, where they made one and two. And now, after Paul had been working on the movie for almost two years, the day came to premier. Steve is the hero in the movie, and is otherwise known as "The Steve Smith", so that makes me "The Mrs. Steve Smith", oh what joy, oh what excitement. I had a part in the movie, but because we shot the majority of the movie almost a year ago, I had totally forgotten the content of the movie. Which actually made it more exciting to watch. Possible pictures to come once we have the shots back from the paparazzi!



tammi said...

I so wish I could have been there for that!!

PamJ said...

It was fun! And so good to watch :)
Two years in the making?!? Wow, I never knew it was that long!

Pamela said...

I saw the premier appear on my facebook homepage and it looked like it got a good first showing! Will there be a DVD boxed set, lol!

Andrea said...

I missed out -- red carpet and all, I hear! At least I have a copy at home, but I haven't watched it yet.