Friday, March 21, 2008

Two Weeks and so much more

I just signed my letter stating my two-weeks notice. Such a happy yet sad moment. I have been at Boston Pizza for six and a half years, almost to the day of the day that I will be ending my employment there. That's a big chunk of my twenty five years! But that job has gotten me through university, it's seen me through getting engaged and married (not literally of course), and now as I graduate it is time to say good-bye. I am ending my employment a little premature of starting teaching as I plan to sub right after I am done with my practicum, but I think it's worth it to me to have that transition time. So far the plan is to sub in May and June, hopefully every day possible. Then I want to work in the summer somewhere fun. I have two thoughts about that, one is Town Shoes and I just checked their site and they are hiring!! I might have to apply now...

Other then all that fun stuff, today, being Good Friday we were at my dad's side of the family. The numbers were a little diminished because of some people who weren't able to come now because they were out only a couple weeks ago for Renee's funerals. However, Grandma's little apartment was still full. I wasn't sure how today was going to turn out, I was a little wary and I think most people who talked to me this week were very aware of that. But it was fairly decent and my fears did not come true. I had prepared myself to visit Renee's grave which is just across the street, but it just didn't right or necessary. After all it's just her body, it's not her.
It just felt odd so I didn't, maybe next time.

I did however, eat a lot of paska, enough for Monique, Karyn and myself (I had to make up for the missing...) but it was so good this year. With Grandma it can be a little hit and miss, some years it's super good and other years it's a little dry, this year was perfect. Just the right amount of lemon, and icing, and despite the initial forgetting of the sprinkles (egad!) that was rectified and the world was once again set straight.

Happy Easter to all and to all a good night!




Anonymous said...

Krista working at a shoe store... it's like the mothership is calling you home. ;)
I'm jealous of all the paska you got - I haven't had homemade paska for years. Happy Easter!

tammi said...

Glad you had a happy Easter and are excited about starting a new chapter in your life! I like what Pam wrote about the mothership calling you home. Hope it works out and you get that summer dream job!!

Pamela said... exciting and scary at the same time!

Mark said...

Hey Krista, nice blog, I will add it to my list! Wow, so you are almost a teacher - excellent! I too am in my final practicum at Prov seminary (graduating in a few weeks hopefully) and looking at the end of my stint in the hospitality industry. It sounds like exciting days are just ahead for you, good luck with the shoe thing!